Alright, Folks!

We've got a new game starting tonight at Drips Coffeehouse in Downtown Hickory. Drips is a charming little place that I have loved since they've reopened. They've kept that same awesome vibe that Drips had before they closed back in the day.

Same time, different place. 8-10. Be there or be square.

July 28-Beefs

31 people played Trivia last night, and it was awesome!

First Place, White Bottoms!

Second Place, Spyder Monkeys!

Third Place, Team R,D F and K!


Trivia is more fun when the competition is fierce. Below is a flyer you can print if you have friends you think might want to come. I'll put a link in the sidebar so that you can access it anytime. See you Monday!

July 21-Beefs

In first place, White Bottoms:

Second, Ringers:

Third, We Piss Excellence:

Good job all.

July 14-Beefs

Great fun at trivia last night! In first place, we had Footcandle. Second place, Team Jawn. Third Place, Boo Face. Please, if you have questions/comments, leave them here!


Team Jawn

Boo Face

First Night

July 7 was our first trivia night. It went well, and I hate it if you missed it. You can totally fix that by coming this week!

First Place: The Cock-a-doodle Dos!

Second Place: The Matt Allen Experience!

Third Place: Menace to Sobriety!