August 28- Drips

We had our first game at Drips Coffeehouse, downtown Hickory. Directions are in the sidebar. The game is each Thursday from 8-10.

First place, Mark, who was very good at the trivia!

And in second place, Evelyn:

August 27-Beefs

Remember, Beefs Trivia! has moved to Wednesdays at 8:30!

For the first time in all the time I've been doing Trivia!, no one answered the final question correctly. And only one team hadn't bet it all. So, your winners, with one point, Balls Deep:

Every one tied for second with 0 points, so we had a run off.

Second Place,Turds of Misery:

Third Place, Yosef is your Daddy:

August 18-Beefs

This week Yosef Is Your Daddy won first place for the second week in a row. Matt, a member of the team, has been on the first place team for 3 weeks. Sorry about the picture, guys. Allison's eyes are closed.

The Brews came in second place for the second week in a row.

And in third place were the Spyder Monkeys. They are often in the top three as well.

I love watching you guys compete. It's nice seeing so many of you come back each week. Don't forget-Wednesdays starting next week!

July 11-Beefs

40 people played last night, and the winners are:

1st Place, Yosef is Your Daddy:

2nd Place, The Brews. The Brews want everyone to know that they came back, from a very low score to second place, because they rocked it out on the Olympics round.

3rd Place, White Bottoms:

August 4-Beefs

25 people played last night.
In first place, Slippery When Wet:

In second place, Spider Monkeys:

In third place, Yosef is Your Daddy: