March 24, 2010

I forgot my camera last week, and I took pics with my phone, only they are too dark. I apologize. I'm just going to tell you who won. :)

In first place, The Turds of Misery.
In second place, Team Mike.
In third place, Sit on my Facebook.

March 10, 2010

In first place, Weapons of Ass Destruction:
From Trivia! First Place

In second place, Jeff Scored with a Ball Today:
From Trivia! Second Place

In third place, More Cowbell:
From Trivia! Third Place


This is the survey I was talking about. Please take it, and tell your friends!

March 3, 2010

I lost my paper saying group names. I'm sorry. I'm 'bout to do the best I can.

In first place, Team More Cowbell:
From Trivia! First Place

In second place, Turds of Misery/Team Peter:
From Trivia! Second Place

In third place, I forgot their name:
From Trivia! Third Place

A note on The Headshrinkers

I will post last week's winners after I'm done with this bit of business. There has been quite a discussion about the last question, and I am clearly seeing both sides. 

From The Headshrinkers' Tony:

(1) I had a comprehensive school education. I studied Ancient Greek for 3 years. Never encountered the word for "chicken".

(2) I knew Aesop lived in 600BC period. Actually somewhere in 620-560BC period, no one is sure on the exact dates. Obviously, he was not 140 years old at death.

(3) Chicken comes from "Asian Jungle Fowl". Via wikipedia, the PRIMARY source is the "History of Food" and it states that chickens did not reach Greece until fifth century BC (ie 400 to 300BC). I compared this to tomatoes coming from South America (ie post 1492) so Aesop can't talk about "rotten tomatoes" either.

(4) So first observation (my own on the night) was: Aesop sounds great, but it's like Abe Lincoln (predating space shuttle by 100 yrs or so) coining the phrase "Don't count your space shuttles until they reach orbit." - yeah - utterly preposterous.

(5) As a result - I made my argument and persuaded the group Aesop made no sense. And so I proposed Confucius as at least a sensible response to the Asia Jungle Fowl/Chicken issue. Again, a guess - I admit. But so was Aesop, and that made NO sense.

(6) The phrase "Don't count ..." comes from the tale "The Milkmaid and the Pail" a wikipedia search shows the history of the story comes from 1884 English translation, but MOREOVER the French and Spanish translation is "Don't count your bear skins before you hunt." This is obviously idiom of the European culture, nothing to do with Aesop.

(7) So we have Ancient Greek translations whereby bears and chickens are one and the same (a joke). It's clear the tale is European from the last few centuries, and somehow got published in a book titled "Aesop's Tales" or such like for marketing purposes obviously (Think Donald Trump, passing himself off as Aesop to flog his books of 'wisdom'). Also check out the fact that Aesop's extant writings survived only via a Roman chronicler etc.

However, a Google search of "Don't count your chickens before they hatch origins" will bring up hundreds of results saying that it belongs to Aesop. So...I'm giving the Headshrinkers an honorary placement of "Smarter-than-the-host Winner".

February 24, 2010

In first place, The Headshrinkers:

In second place, More Cowbell:
From Trivia! Second Place

In third place, Whitebottoms:
From Trivia! Third Place