How to Play

The game is played in teams of up to 6. 
There are no lifelines. Please don't phone your friends or use your high tech gadgets. That ruins the fun.

Those are all the rules. But how is it played?

I'll pass out index cards...each team will get 7. Go ahead and write a team name on each card. There are 6 rounds in the game. I'll ask you a question on the microphone, and then I'll give you some time to answer it. If you need me to repeat it, tell me. You answer it on your card. We'll do this 10 times, and once more for the bonus. Each right answer is worth 1 point, and the bonus is worth 5. The questions are hard, but you have your brain, and hopefully 5 more brains in the mix. After each round, we'll take up your cards. I'll score them, then read the correct answers and the scores. Sometimes the rounds have themes, and sometimes they don't. Round 3 is always music round, which usually involves listening to songs and answering questions about them. After the 5th round, I'll tell everyone their scores and I will give you an option of one of 2 categories. You'll write several things on this card for me: your team name, how much you want to bet (any, some, all of your points), which category, and the names of your team mates. This is important for our accounting process. After I have all those cards back, I'll read the 2 final questions, and we'll have a winner. First, second and third place teams win a gift certificate to Beef 'O' Brady's and they get their picture our website.